Monday, 2 May 2016

How I Used Stained Decorative Concrete

Last summer my wife and I decided we wanted to invest in home renovations. We have a large basement and wanted to make it into a lounge. The basement was unfinished at the time, so we needed to choose appropriate flooring.

Unfortunately, we realized that the brick style flooring we loved was too expensive. A friend suggested we use stained decorative concrete from stained concrete Austin. I had never heard of decorative concrete before, so I decided to look at the pros and cons.

To my surprise, I saw that using this method was very beneficial to me. I could get the look I wanted without spending too much money. This allowed me to spend more money on other basement related renovations.

Decorative concrete mimics the look of fancy brick tile. The concrete is imprinted with patterns that are identical to brick flooring. The concrete is then stained to match the chosen design. We had a variety of deep, rich colors to choose from. 

When I saw the finished product, I was extremely satisfied with the choice I made. Our basement has the upscale look that we wanted, but we did not have to go outside of our budget to get there.

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